Card Source Clues

Wiki renders each card with visual clues on the site from which it has been sourced.

# Halo

A card that have been retrieved from a persistent source (e.g. open to the Internet) is rendered opaque white, possibly with a colored border indicating the source type. Hovering over the card flag will elaborate on this information for the curious or colorblind.

* A *blue* border marks a 'remote' card, one that is from some persistent site other than the origin.

* A *green* border marks a 'plugin' card that might exist to deliver the plugin or to explain how you might use it on your own wiki site.

* A *yellow* border marks a 'local' card stored privately in the browser but still identified as part of the origin site.

* A *white* border (no border) marks a card retrieved from the origin server, as expected.

# Ghost

Interactions can add cards to the lineup that don't exist in any permanent place. These are rendered transparently which might just show as gray on plain backgrounds. Ghost cards intend to be useful on their own. Some provide items that are useful dragged from their initial ghostly existence on to pages worth keeping.

* *Search* opens a ghost card with References to cards it found in the neighborhood.

*Footnote*: This *Card Source Clues* description was derived from Page Place Clues.