Copy Pages

You can copy pages from remote sites into your own with a click of one button. The page becomes yours with attribution as expected.

Click to Copy

Find the fork button [⚑] at the bottom of every page to the right of the journal.

Check that you are ready to write. Then click the fork button [ ⚑ ] to copy a remote page. Nothing will happen if it is already your page.

When the copy is complete, a fork action is recorded in the new page's journal. The fork action appears as a black flag icon over the remote site's gradient flag background.

You can click the fork action in your journal to recall the remote page at any time.

Ready to Write?

Before you can fork a remote page you must begin with your own site AND without leaving it, recall the remote page. Then you can fork as described above.

See how to Find the Beginning.

Log into your Origin Server.

Recall the remote page by any of a variety of means.

Recall by Reference. Click the flag of a Reference plugin to start browsing a remote site without leaving your site.

Recall by Search. If the remote site is in your neighborhood, you can search for the page and then navigate through the search results.

Need to Connect?

If you don't already have a Reference to the remote site you can recall by typing the location or by creating a location by drag-and-drop.

Recall by Location. You can type the location of the remote page at the end of the existing location in your browser's location bar.

        ... /{domain}/{page-slug}

Add a Reference to the remote site by first opening the site in a new tab. Then drag from this location bar to a Factory in your own site. See how to Add Paragraphs.