Generative Pattern Language

While the label "pattern language" has been appropriated for a variety of contexts, the label of "generative pattern language" can be used for the "purer" thinking originating from the Center for Environmental Structure at U.C. Berkeley.

Christopher Alexander and his colleagues have a significant body of artifacts since the formation of the CES in 1967.

Pattern Manual (1967) is a charter for the CES.

A Pattern Language Which Generates Multi-Service Centers (1968) demonstrates how a pattern language could become instantiated differently for a variety of sites and circumstances.

"Systems Generating Systems (1968)" articulates the ties between a pattern language and systems thinking.

The Battle for Life and Beauty of the Earth (2012) is a history of a development project for the Eishin campus in Japan, demonstrating the CES vision from start to finish.

The variety of Current Applications of Pattern Languages often don't reflect the full vision of generativity.