Pattern Language Sites

We have numerous samples of pattern languages cast into the federated wiki form, usually from other sources or as mockups of future work.


Michael has been creating site mockups to help imagine how federated wiki advances the application of pattern languages.

We will use this wiki to tell stories and share best practices about implementing the Ten Principles of One Planet Living at a variety of scales from household to nation.

We have a strong interest in processes that will keep working even when the "teachers" leave.

Imported Documents

This site consists of short essays, called patterns, which form a hierarchy that starts here. We also list each pattern in alphabetical order within the Reliable Prosperity Index.

To create a supple, knowledge-rich design calls for a versatile, shared team language, and a lively experimentation with language that seldom happens on software projects.

These patterns cover the key Extreme Programming practices. Of course they link to many other large and small scale patterns. See the book for details and the other 90 agile practice patterns.

The <b>Seminars</b> pattern language is intended for those instructors in the industry, who are not studied educators. We wrote it especially for those, who feel that something is going wrong with their seminars - perhaps they are even frustrated and do not know what to change or what the reasons could be.

This pattern language describes a form of software development appropriate for an entrepreneurial organization.