Project Names

We've created this system through the combined activity of many people over many years. These are names we might drop when talking about how things got to be this way.

We embrace a style of writing generally called hypertext. We'll pick up the hypertext story late in its history.

HyperCard was available, graphical and programmable.

Web was the world-wide overlay on the internet.

Wiki makes available browsers read/write systems.

SFW our small, initial version of federated wiki.

FedWiki the federated wiki project SFW has grown to be.

We adopt an intellectual property posture that favors creativity over profitability. This way we avoid becoming a slave to the present.

Free as in freedom.

Open Source licenses for computer software.

Creative Commons licenses for artistic works.

GitHub as the preferred social software exchange.

Node and npm for quick installations.

Wiki draws on experience gained through minor revolutions in how we organize software development projects.

Patterns emerge from making many useful things.

Refactoring improves structure without changing meaning.

Debt metaphor assumes and guides refactoring.

Workflow steps toward a recognized goal.