Wiki OpenShift Quickstart

An easy way to start your personal wiki in the federation is to sign up for a free OpenShift PaaS (Platform as a Service), and deploy the Wiki OpenShift Quickstart on GitHub . The Getting Started with OpenShift eBook is informative. There are two ways to deploy the SFW (Smallest Federated Wiki) technology.

(1) For a site to be labelled as wiki-$, the OpenShift web creation workflow fills in most of the fields for a one-button browser installation.

(2) For a site to be customized as wiki.$, you will have to not be intimidated by a command line terminal.

(a) Set up Git on your Mac, Windows or Linux.

(b) Install the RHC Client Tools . Through Remote Access to Openshift, setup RHC and login.

(c) Following the Wiki OpenShift Quickstart readme , (i) create the node-0.10 application, (ii) add the upstream Wiki Quickstart repository and pull to your personal workstation, and (iii) push the code Openshift.

(d) The instruction to "Claim with your email" should be deferred. Configure your custom URL with a CNAME.

(e) On your local workstation, edit wiki/server.js. Change

// Application URL - used by the Persona authentication self.url = "http://" + process.env.OPENSHIFT_APP_DNS;

to read

// Application URL - used by the Persona authentication <br /> self.url = 'http://wiki.$'

There are some alternative ways to achieve the same result.

(f) In the command line terminal ...<br /> <code>git add server.js</code><br /> <code>git commit -m "Hard coded URL"<code><br /> <code>git push</code>

(g) At wiki.$, "Claim with your email".

If you have multiple OpenShift accounts, switch between logins with <code>rhc setup -l</code>.


<b>June 2014</b> - the build has been updated to use the custom node version code, so we can specify the version of node we want. This avoids the problems we were seeing with the standard node v0.10 build.