David Bovill

Here are some notes about where I've come from and what I am interested in. Some day I'll put together a bit of a bio.

David Bovill somewhere in 2016

After qualifying in medicine I started the Multimedia Authoring Centre at Charing Cross Hospital (1989-1992).

At the time I made most of the software (in HyperCard) myself, but worked with some great designers.

The core of the software we developed was a collaborative student note taking system linked together using a medical dictionary structured as a wiki - though that term was not in my Neighborhood at the time.

I formed the Virtual Theatre Company in 1992, creating interactive (ultrasonic) performance environments and receiving recognition from the Arts Council who funded collaborations with Union Dance, Laser Creations and Cell Animation (a virtual reality company).

I have worked as a teacher and programmer, on commercial and arts based projects in this country and abroad. In 2004, I used MediaWiki linked to WordPress in teaching experiments with Architecture and Design students at the University of Kentucky. Wiki's keep coming back :)

# Science

- Monoclonal antibody research- nih.gov - ORCID

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