Federated Authored Content

The Smallest Federated Wiki technology enables authors to easily:

  • (i) reference the work from other authors (with a Page Drag Link );
  • (ii) curate a neighborhood (see Search Neighborhood Curation );and
  • (iii) amend content on a personal version in the federation (see Journal Fork Cache ). Each author has or her own wiki site in the federation. The Wiki OpenShift Quickstart outlines (i) an easy installation procedure on the rhcloud.com domain; or (ii) a slightly more complicated procedure for authors who have registered their own web domains.
  • Authors may first want to experiment with How to Wiki on a Sandbox (that periodically gets restored to its original state). As an alternative to reading, Federated Wiki Videos show the technology in use. The open source community around Smallest Federated Wiki is relatively small. Contributing questions and sharing with others is managed through an issues list on Github .