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Pattern languages

* Pattern Language Sites as listed by Ward Cunningham. * The Episodes Pattern Language presented at PLoP 1996 foreshadows pattern language becoming the foundation for agile software development. The publication in Pattern Languages of Program Design Volume 2 was extended with Supplemental Patterns not included due to page length. * Reliable Prosperity aims for a sustainable society in a conservation economy that integrates social capital, natural capital and economic capital. Ecotrust, centered in Portland, Oregon, originally developed 57 pattern as "a framework for an ecologically restorative, socially just, and reliably prosperous society" circa 2010 at * In October 2018, Ward Cunningham had a demonstration at PUARL 2018.


* Viable systems approach enters into the world of cybernetic. * Science Sites lists collaborators, including the Open Science Group originating from

Visualising Graphs extends beyond the text basics of wiki.