Share Cards Openly

Sharing cards with others across the Internet requires a wiki site that interacts with others in the federation. The current reference implementation of the federated wiki technology is based on node.js.

The original way of hosting the prototypical Smallest Federated Wiki was to Host a Site. In 2011, this prototype was written in Ruby. This code has been deprecated, and not updated in some years.

Since 2014, many in the federated wiki community installed the software by Deploying a wiki on the Digital Ocean cloud computing platform.

In 2014, an alternative Wiki Openshift Quickstart enabled hosting on Red Hat Openshift. Changes in the Openshift infrastructure in 2016 calls for updating the instructions.

In late 2018, with node.js environments supported on some shared hosting providers. Deploying a Wiki on cPanel has been tested and is in use.

Some experiments with running federated wiki with Beaker Browser and DAT have been successful. However, for peer-to-peer access to the browser, ports have to be open to the Internet -- not a desirable approach for home computers with a router.

Experimentation continues on Wiki and Glitch.