Associates of David Ing

On the federated wiki technology

* Ward Cunningham invented the wiki technology circa 1995 to support the Portland Pattern Repository ]. In 2011, he started the current project, promoted through Federated Wiki Videos. Since he's been adding content for such a long time, it can be a challenge to keep up with Ward's Recent Activity. * Paul Rodwell, in the UK, has been a leading coder on node.js development, that has become the reference implementation in the community. * David Bovill, in the UK, has been active in a variety of new open source technologies, and has contributed a variety of plugins. With multiple subdomains, progress shows up on David's Recent Activity. * Eric Dobbs, in Colorado, has taken on the issue of every wiki site owner becoming his or her own system administrator. * Jon Richter, in Germany, works on commons-based mapping projects. * Nick Niemeir, in Portland, Oregon, is a JavaScript enthusiast.