View a Card Lineup

Visitors can navigate the federation, originating from the Welcome Visitors card into an expanding Neighborhood.

* How to Wiki describes the web interface to read, and to add content. * On the keyboard, the Left/Right-Arrow (cursor movement) keys will scroll the Lineup left or right. * Follow Links by selecting highlighted text, revealing content sometimes with Card Source Clues, e.g. blue borders on the remote sites of neighbors. * Selecting the Card Flag (colored box, upper left of the Card Title) will Find The Beginning card of any wiki site at its Origin. * More descriptions may be available in the Names of Things.

The convention of referring to **card** rather than a **wiki page** has been encouraged by David Ing as a way of reducing confusion with a browser web page. Novices may notice that other authors who have contributed page prior to late 2018 may still prefer to use the term "page".